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5 Top VoIP Problems and How to Avoid Them

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services can revolutionize your business with remote access to all telecommunication services. As with any technological advancement, however, you may run into some obstacles. The following are ways to avoid 5 common VoIP problems for smooth sailing after deployment:


  • Faxing – While many businesses are transitioning to scanned documents in lieu of faxing, some still need access to a reliable fax machine. Make sure you demo faxing services through a VoIP provider prior to nixing your traditional fax machine to ensure that the solution will work seamlessly for your needs.
  •  Poor call quality – There are several reasons for poor quality, but latency stands out as one of the top problems. Latency is caused by a lag somewhere in the network. A VoIP solution that prioritizes traffic based on network management rules and other techniques can effectively minimize problems caused by latency.
  •  Internet disruption – VoIP technology relies on the internet to perform well. If there is a power outage or some other form of internet disruption, some services may be suspended. Companies can easily avoid delays in internal and external communications from internet disruptions by looking for VoIP solutions that automatically forward information to a cell phone or landline during down times.
  •  Online threats – Like all other internet services, VoIP is subject to spam and concerns about confidentiality. However, advancements in technology are making VoIP solutions more secure than ever. If you have specific internet security concerns, address them with your solutions provider. Contact your provider immediately if you become suspicious about activity within your VoIP phone system.
  • Credit card incompatibility – For brick-and-mortar stores, a VoIP will not support traditional credit card machines that work through the phone lines. Users who need on premise credit card functionality may want to upgrade their systems to Ethernet based machines or keep a landline for credit card transactions.

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