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7 Tools to Enable Your Road Warriors

Let’s face it, the way we function in both life and in business has evolved drastically thanks to all of the advancements in technology. People are constantly on-the-go, yet have managed to stay more connected than ever before. This new found mobility not only benefits our personal lives, but has substantial effects on our business, allowing it to place no matter where we are results in increased sales, productivity, efficiency and improved customer relationships.

Prepare your own road warriors for success with these 7 Mobile Tools that are sure to revolutionize the way you do business.

Mobile Twinning
Gone are the days where you need to decide which phone number to give out (office versus cell) based on your schedule, or the hours you need to waste tied to your desk to wait for an important call. Mobile Twinning is one of the most useful advancements thus far. This genius invention allows you to program your office calls to ring simultaneously on your cell phone, so no matter where you are, you won’t miss a call. And, you no longer have to worry about giving customers or vendors your personal cell phone number, they simply call your office number and catch you there, or on your cell phone and never know the difference. It provides you with the ability to keep your calls professional from anywhere you are.

Mobile Softphone
Out of the office? Abroad? You no longer need to worry about how to manage the logistics of business calls when you’re out of the office. OfficeSuite® Mobile Softphone empowers you to work from anywhere on virtually any device, including iPhones®, iPads®, Androids™, smartphones and tablets. You can make and receive calls directly from the device of your choice, but use your business number. No longer use your personal cell phone minutes to make business calls, or worry about international or long distance charges. Mobile Softphone is the perfect solution for road warrior’s on-the-go.

PC Softphone
Your PC can now double as your desk phone thanks to the next generation softphone application,Officesuite® PC Softphone. It utilizes the same extension and features as your desk phone like caller ID, extension-to-extension dialing, voicemail and three-way calling, offering seamless communications from anywhere on the road. The Softphone can handle up to three simultaneous calls and can also be used to record and store calls as .wav files, helping mobile professionals safeguard communications and maintain business continuity. The OfficeSuite® PC Softphone can be used from virtually any Internet-connected PC with a microphone and speakers.

Video Conferencing
Traveling or out of the office, but have an important meeting you can’t afford to miss? Luckily, meetings have advanced significantly from the standard board room days thanks to inventions like OfficeSuite® HD Meeting’s unified high definition video, audio and web conferencing solution. You can now meet, collaborate and even share documents with up to 100 different people at once, from any device. Be out of the office, but not out of the loop. Simplify the way you connect and be accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Phone Management via the Web
Advanced, cloud-based phone solutions like OfficeSuite® Phone are one of the greatest contributions to businesses yet because everything communications related can be managed independently via an easy-to-use customer portal, and the best part is, you can manage your phone system from absolutely anywhere with an Internet connection. Now, that is the flexibility and control that every business needs. Bad weather? Receptionist out sick? Unable to get back to the office? You can quickly re-route calls, enable mobile twinning, turn on your auto attendant, re-record greetings and more from anywhere.

Voicemail to Email
Traditional voicemail technology has taken great strides over the years. You can now enjoy the time-saving convenience of getting your voicemails emailed to you with the OfficeSuite® Mobile Voicemail App. It displays a list of all of the messages in your voicemail box indicating time, caller and status. The app allows you to listen to your messages, including offering a touch-controlled fast forward and rewind option. It also allows callback, forwarding and general integration with the contacts on your phone. It doesn’t get any easier than that! The app is integrated with the message waiting indicator on your desk phone so listening to a message in the app marks it as “listened to“ and the light on your OfficeSuite® desk phone goes off automatically.

Voicemail Transcription
Never listen to a voicemail again, unless of course, you want to! With inventions like OfficeSuite® Voicemail Transcription, you will never think about voicemail the same again. Conveniently receive full text transcriptions of each of your voicemail messages, instantly as email messages. The transcription service also sends a recording of voicemails directly to your email for your convenience in case you actually do want to listen to them. The email transcriptions also highlight important key phrases, making it much easier to manage and track your voicemails. There is no expensive set-up, equipment or software required, customer’s can simply activate one of their OfficeSuite® phone settings.