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7 Ways Upgrading to VOIP Can Improve Your Business

When it comes to modern business upgrades, telephone systems are often overlooked. Whether completely ignored by business owners or current systems work fine, traditional phone systems outlasted many of their office counterparts, like dial-up internet and bulky fax machines.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems modernize office telephones. Using Cloud-based services and desktop applications, this digital telephone solution is a much better way for enterprises to cut costs and keep everyone in sync. Here are seven reasons why a company should upgrade to a VOIP system.
Remote Options

Thinking of expanding your recruiting power with the option to telecommute? Whether you have a remote team in place or plan to take advantage of the benefits associated with one, communicating remotely is an issue to consider. Businesses tackle it head-on with VOIP solutions that let employees connect to the office over the Internet. Computers become phones, complete with an extension or private office number reserved solely for business.

If you plan to expand your business, or if you suddenly need to, a traditional phone system will need an expensive upgrade. On the other hand, VOIP is highly scalable, so your business can freely expand or contract without having to revise the telephone system.
Plug in Your Mobile Office

With VOIP, entrepreneurs can maintain a mobile line without encroaching on private space or purchasing a separate mobile device solely for business. This way, professional and personal phone lines remain separate.
Communications Savings

If a business operates globally, traditional phone bills are immense. VOIP is a solution that often nets its users incredible savings, including a flat rate for long distance, local, and remote calls.
One Provider for Multiple Service

Sometimes, business owners need special features for their phone lines. Typically, VOIP systems bundle these features into monthly costs rather than charging on a per-use basis. This is another cost-saving incentive for entrepreneurs.
Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

You can find a provider that will include all the hardware, software, provisioning, and installation for one low monthly fee. With this system in place, users can track calls, emails, voicemails, and faxes from one system regardless of where they are.
Customizable for Your Business

VOIP solutions are highly customizable. Whether you run a small studio of 5 employees or a bustling office of 200, you won’t find yourself paying for services you don’t need. Features like Voicemail to Email and Unified Messaging can be added or removed easily. If there’s ever a need for a change, altering plans requires much less hassle than trying to adjust a physical system.

If you’re ready to modernize your office phones, work with a provider that can take care of all your VOIP needs in one place.

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