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Whether you customized your phone number to spell out your company name or print it on all of your promotional materials, it has likely evolved to become part of your brand identity. Your phone number is your primary means of contact with customers and business partners alike. Given how critical your phone number is to your business, why would you want to change it? That’s why we let our customers to keep their phone numbers and extension numbers intact. This allows you to maintain customer relations and company image alike.

Manage all your calls with the click of a mouse.

Are you looking for a reliable, multi-line phone system that will provide you with consistent, dedicated phone service customized to your company’s needs? Our  Hosted PBX provides your company with constant power backup, maintenance, updates, patches, monitoring, and security—all at no additional charge. Our dedicated team members will install the equipment and answer any questions you might have, giving you the support you need to run your company.

Get unlimited local and outbound domestic long distance calling included in your package.

Once your Cloud Voip system is installed, you will enjoy increased security and superior service and be able to access our web portals that allow for superior call management. Instead of reading messages or scrolling through Caller ID logs, you’ll be able to see who called you and when they called right on your computer screen. Our system also provides multiple programming options that will ensure you never miss a call:

    • Find Me: Arrange for incoming calls to ring to different phones both in the office and out of the office- as you choose. Great for guaranteeing call coverage no matter where you are!
    • Follow Me: Forward calls to your cell phone without giving out your private number.
    • Multi-Ring: Ring multiple phones at the same time. Great for mobile users! Never miss that important call!
    • On-screen Assistant: Check phone status (busy or idle), transfer calls or set up conference calls with a click of a mouse. Know who is on the phone and who is available. Point and click transfer makes transferring callers easy!

Want to upgrade your phones to VOIP ? Call our team today at 847 329 8600 for more information complete the Contact Us form for us to get in touch with you.

We provide a complete Cloud VOIP Phone System for businesses in the Chicago metropolitan area. All of our installations come with complete onsite installation and training.

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