How to Select a Cloud Phone System

You can select your cloud phone solution based on four different criteria: your business size, your business needs, your particular industry and the type of contract that you want.

Please keep in mind that all of these solutions come with on site installation and training. This is important because your phones are crucial to your business. We install and train on these systems everyday. You do not want a “bag and tag” solution from a provider located far away.

  • We come out to your facility and do a pre-installation survey.
  • We check your cabling, your LAN, your firewall and if necessary, the quality of your Internet connect.
  • The remote provider you speak to over the phone probably isn’t as committed as we are to the success of your installation.
  • The fact is, a lot of remote providers have a 30-40% attrition rate. We do not.



Small, medium, and large size businesses can benefit from our hosted business phone service without any upfront costs or expensive maintenance contracts. Select an option above to learn more about our solutions tailored to your needs by business size.

In the cloud, you can operate more efficiently, increase employee mobility, protect against loss from natural or man-made disasters, connect multiple locations and better control day to day costs. Choose an IP phone solution below to find out how our service can meet your specific business need.

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