Use your Business Technology to Attract the largest Portion of the US Workforce

Millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. workforce in 2015. By 2025, they will account for more than 75 percent of the U.S. labor pool. The millennial workers bring immense value to a team, including self-motivation, creativity and enthusiasm. To ensure a stable, productive and engaged team tomorrow, organizations should create a culture with […]

Video Conferencing Can Simplify the Hiring Process

 Hiring top talent is critical to the growth and success of every organization. Each company has its own process. Even after your human resources department, or recruiting agency narrows down hundreds of applicants for each job posting, the interview process with the most qualified candidate pool can still be a daunting and expensive task. Here’s […]

Chicago VoIP Hosting Must have Features for a UC Portal

Since unified communications (UC) solutions are cloud-based, the actual brains behind the systems are in the backend online management platforms or, as most refer to them as, online portals. When it comes to your ability to remain agile, mobile and productive, the interface you use holds all the power. Here are 6 must-have features and […]

Streamline your sales with VoIP Hosted Phones

It’s remarkable how many companies ignore common opportunities to earn a little good will from their customers. One thing that’s commonly ignored altogether, or at least taken for granted, is a frustration-free telephone system. If your business relies heavily on customer interaction, particularly for sales, then you owe it to yourself to modernize your phone […]

7 Tools to Enable Your Road Warriors

Let’s face it, the way we function in both life and in business has evolved drastically thanks to all of the advancements in technology. People are constantly on-the-go, yet have managed to stay more connected than ever before. This new found mobility not only benefits our personal lives, but has substantial effects on our business, […]

5 Top VoIP Problems and How to Avoid Them

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services can revolutionize your business with remote access to all telecommunication services. As with any technological advancement, however, you may run into some obstacles. The following are ways to avoid 5 common VoIP problems for smooth sailing after deployment:   Faxing – While many businesses are transitioning to scanned documents […]

7 Ways Upgrading to VOIP Can Improve Your Business

When it comes to modern business upgrades, telephone systems are often overlooked. Whether completely ignored by business owners or current systems work fine, traditional phone systems outlasted many of their office counterparts, like dial-up internet and bulky fax machines. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems modernize office telephones. Using Cloud-based services and desktop applications, this […]

Advantages of Integrating a Cloud Communication System with Your Business

In 2015, companies continue looking to the Cloud to streamline their communication efforts. With incredible functionality, resourcefulness, and many other benefits, workers and consumers dream for modern tools and services that can make their lives easier. Cloud communication systems are one example of how this dream can come true. As an added benefit, could systems […]

Invest in a cloud phone system because…

Cloud technology makes it easier than ever for companies to work from wherever their workers are most comfortable. There really is not much difference between taking a call at home, on-the- go, or in the office if you have the right technology to support your team. Need more convincing? Here are some of the positive […]

Five Major Phone System Trends of the Future

  Growth in technology now happens in leaps and bounds, and it doesn’t take long for news to be old news. In order to keep up with trends of the present, know what is coming in the near future and avoid being left in the past.   Once just a platform for the most advanced […]